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Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of U.S. Policy (TV Version)

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Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of U.S. Policy (TV Version)

Published June 25, 2010

Gaza Freedom Flotilla survivor and retired film producer, Dave Schermerhorn gives his experiences of being aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and of being illegally detained inside an Israeli prison. Hazim Shafi talks about the humanitarian aspects of what life is like in Gaza, how the situation has degraded significantly over the years, and why these latest measures that have been announced are a sham. An Inside Story of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla Attack and the Gaza Blockade.

The video versions of this program open with a very condensed version of some extraordinary and shocking video of the illegal attack in international waters on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla compiled by The video was hidden and smuggled out by peace activists and journalists who were aboard the flotilla and subsequently kidnapped by the IDF attackers.

These talks were excepted from a conference entitled: Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of U.S. Policy. This event was recorded Friday, June 25th at 7 PM in St. Mark's Cathedral's Bloedel Hall., Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington.

The panelists: Steve Niva *, Richard Silverstein *, Dave Schermerhorn and Hazim Shafi


Steve Niva *
A Professor of International Politics and Middle East Studies at Evergreen State College in Washington State. He is a contributor to many journals and newspaper articles and the author of a forthcoming book on suicide bombers.

Discusses the background of U.S. Israel relations, the current developments within the Obama administration and ideas for practical action.

Richard Silverstein *
The author of notable blog called Tikun Olam and make the world a better place essays on politics culture and ideas about Israel Arab peace and World music. He is a proponent of a two state solution with Israel withdrawing to the pre-1967 borders. He is also the co-founder, with Gerry Tenney, of the Bay Area Jewish Music Festival.

Talks about the rising political repression in Israel

Dave Schermerhorn
who is a survivor of the Freedom Flotilla that was illegally attacked by Israel while they were trying to break the Israeli siege and reach Gaza. He is also a retired film producer and a seasoned supporter of Palestinian rights.

Talks about his experience as a passenger on the Freedom Flotilla and what happened to him while he was detained in Israel.

Hazim Shafi
A Microsoft engineer who was Born in Gaza and graduated from a Quaker High School in Ramallah, Palestine. He still has close relatives suffering under the Israeli siege of Gaza. He is the nephew of Haidar Abdel-Shafi, a former prominent Palestinian leader leader and respected negotiator.

Talks about the humanitarian aspects of what it's like in Gaza and how the situation has degraded significantly over the years and why these latest measures that have been announced are really not going to solve anything

* Due to time constraints, the TV version does not have Richard Silverstein or Steve Niva because we have previously featured them on our show. See the end of this description for versions of this event that do include the omitted panelists.

Additional information about this event can be found here:

Seattle Conference: Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis and the Failure of U.S. Policy


Mideast Focus Ministry of Saint Mark's Cathedral

Sabeel of Puget Sound

Jewish Voice for Peace

Palestinian Concerns Task Force

Episcopal Bishop's Committee on Israel/Palestine

Voices of Palestine

Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility

American Friends Service Committee, Pacific Northwest Region

American Jews for a Just Peace

United Nations Association of Greater Seattle

Seattle Middle East Awareness Campaign


Lots of information about the Israel/Palestinian conflict can be found at these links:

Free Gaza Movement -

Rachel Corrie Foundation for Peace & Justice

Olympia-Rafah Mural Project

Who's on the wall

Friends of Sabeel -- North America



This is the final TV version that was broadcast on 2010-07-19.


This is the full, uncut version of the video, but it is not raw video. It is a "draft" edit with "draft" titles, but it does feature all of the panelists. The TV version does not have Richard Silverstein or Steve Niva.


This is the full, uncut audio from this event, from start to finish.

This is a raw audio copy of this entire event that radio stations, etc. may use for broadcast. There are separate unmixed, synchronized audio sources for the left and right channels. The left channel is the panelist's microphones and the right channel is ambient room noise for audience interaction and questions. The tracks are synchronized. At worst, there is a slight echo once in a while from the tracks being misaligned. Most of the time, they are aligned about as perfectly as I could get them.

** If any of our material is broadcast, please let us know. Our contact info is located at the end of both versions of the video and on our website that is linked below.


The Skull and cross-bones device and opening and closing music are copyright 2010 Seattle Pirate Television and may not be used separately without written permission.


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Producer Pirate Television
Production Company Seattle Pirate Television
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